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State Aid to School Districts

2019-20 New York State Enacted Budget

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Note that the Community Schools Setaside, if any, is part of Foundation Aid. It should be added as additional aid.

Funding Category 2019-20 2018-19 Change % Change
Foundation Aid
High Tax Aid
Reorganization Incentive Operating Aid
Academic Enhancement Aid
Building Aid
Reorganization Incentive Building Aid
Transportation Aid Without Summer
Summer Transportation Aid
Total Transportation Aid*
Non-BOCES Special Services Aid
Charter School Transition Aid
Private Excess Cost Aid
Public Excess Cost Aid
Supplemental Public Excess Cost Aid
Computer Software Aid
Library Material Aid
Textbook Aid
Hardware and Tech Aid
Full Day Kindergarten Aid
Universal Pre-Kindergarten Aid
Total Aid Without Building Aid

* Total Transportation Aid totals for 2018-19 include unconfirmed transportation aid.