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ASBO to Release 2019-20 School Aid Proposal

Wednesday, December 19, 2018  

ASBO will be releasing its own 2019-20 School Aid Proposal at the beginning of January when the Legislature returns to Albany. An advanced copy of the School Aid Proposal is available to our members and can be found here on our website.

The proposal calls for a $2.1 billion increase in school aid, which mirrors the Board of Regents request. Unfortunately, the Governor continues his claim that the state has met its obligations to fund Foundation Aid, despite $4.1 billion still outstanding. The Governor stated this week that the discussion should be about how school districts distribute their resources to schools. Former Governor Elliott Spitzer called this approach “Orwellian” and said the state should provide the funds school districts need to educate students, as called for by the Foundation Aid formula with minor adjustments. The Board of Regents and ASBO’s proposal call for phasing in Foundation Aid over three years.

ASBO’s state aid proposal has four main priorities:

  • Improve equity and adequacy for school districts by fully phasing in Foundation Aid over three years and making other strategic investments aimed at improving access to educational opportunity. These include increasing support for career and technical education, early learning, giving school districts and BOCES the authority to implement regional high schools and providing equity in the calculation of the debt limit for small city school districts so that these districts can better maintain their school facilities.
  • Strengthen student safety and wellness with a new categorical aid program to support the non-capital needs of all school districts to provide community school programs, support school resource officers, and other initiatives to strengthen student safety and meet the social and emotional needs of students. The Community Schools set aside within Foundation Aid should be folded into this separate categorical aid program, leaving Foundation Aid as unrestricted general purpose operating aid.
  • Provide stability by paying for already approved expenses. Maintain support for expense based aids and pay off prior year adjustments.
  • Redirect savings to teaching and learning through incentives for shared transportation, staggered building condition surveys, streamlining internal audits, excluding local BOCES capital expenditures from the Tax Cap, a TRS reserve, and funds to support grants for strategic resource use. Additional flexibility will help school districts do their primary job—educate students.

                                        2019-20 State Aid Proposal

Enacted Budget 2018-19


Improve Equity and Adequacy

Foundation Aid Phase-in Increase


ELL Categorical




Regents Early Learning Initiatives


Authorize Regional High Schools


Provide Equity in Small City Debt Limit


Strengthen Student Safety and Well-being

Student Safety and Well-being


Provide Stability

Estimated Expense Based Aids


Prior Year Adjustments


Redirect Savings to Teaching and Learning

Strategic Resource Grants


Flexibility Initiatives:


Incentives for shared transportation


Staggered building condition surveys


Streamlining internal audits


Excluding local BOCES capital expenditures from the Tax Cap


TRS reserve


Total Proposed Increase


Total Proposed Aid for 2019-20