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State Update: State Budget Highlights - Webinar Thursday at 2pm

Monday, April 1, 2019  
On Sunday, March 31, the governor and legislature reached agreement on the 2019-20 state budget, which includes a more than $1 billion increase in aid to schools. This includes a $618 million dollar increase in Foundation Aid. The budget also adopts several ASBO priorities included in our State Aid Proposal, notably:
  • Establishing a TRS reserve
  • Staggering Building Condition Surveys over five years, beginning in January 2020
  • Allowing piggybacking on out-of-district transportation contracts
Other adopted proposals ASBO supported include:
  • Raising the salary cap for BOCES District Superintendents
  • Making reduced-price lunches free for students
ASBO is pleased that the final budget rejects or modifies several proposals from the Executive Budget:
  • There will be no changes to reimbursable aids, including building aid
  • The state will not direct how school districts distribute their funding. Instead, districts are directed to file a report on how they have prioritized addressing identified inequities by September 1

Along with all of the good news, there are some challenges in the budget. While we appreciate the significant Foundation Aid increase over the Executive Budget proposal, it is a smaller percentage increase than last year and doesn’t represent a significant step toward fully funding Foundation Aid, leaving many school districts without adequate funding to provide all students with the opportunity for a meaningful education. The budget also made the Tax Cap permanent without modification. Visit our State Budget page for complete coverage and analysis of the 2019-20 New York State Budget.

Webinar: Enacted Budget

We will be hosting a webinar to present the 2019-20 New York State budget relating to education and its effect on school districts this Thursday (4/4) at 2 p.m.

Register for the webinar here.