School Aid


Management Advisory Group of New York, Inc. was established in 1994 to provide business and administrative services to school districts. Its consulting services are designed for, and provided by staff with a wealth of hands-on knowledge of New York State school districts. Services include:

1.      Medicaid claiming services; currently for over 60 districts;

2.      STAC processing services to ensure districts maximize reimbursement for high cost students with disabilities. (public, private, summer and chapter students); currently for over 60 districts;

3.      State Aid Review & Recovery Services for over four hundred (400) districts to increase their state and federal revenues;

4.      Efficiency studies of district business offices, human resources departments, special education departments, food service programs, as well as a variety of other district-wide operations.

5.      Internal auditing services, beginning in 2006, to over forty school districts and BOCES.

6.      Business office support for payroll, accounting, accounts payable, internal claims auditing, and training for new staff.

Through ASBO’s partnership with MAG, members will receive a discounted rate on any additional monies claimed through a State Aid Review by filing/amending STACS, adjusting pupil counts or processing tuition billings.  If no additional monies are found, then there is no fee to the district. ASBO members can also receive a discounted rate for Medicaid review services and training on STAC, Medicaid, with Form A filing and Tuition Billing.

With a staff of experienced consultants and office support staff, they offer an understanding of school district finances that no other firm can match. They have actually performed the functions, supervised others performing them, and audited districts for compliance.

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MAG State Aid Review/Recovery Services