Education CFO

The Education CFO is actively involved in collaborations to use resources - people, time and money - strategically to improve learning.  The Education CFO is immersed in the district's data on resources, financial condition and student results and participates in a leadership role with instructional and fiscal staff and district leadership concerning the strategic alignment of district resources to support attainment of the school district's mission.  The use of data and collaboration are ongoing activities that strengthen the connection between education resources and student outcomes, and prepare the district to accommodate change and deal with problems that may arise.  The Education CFO ensures that resources are used in a manner that complies with laws, regulations and professional standards and uses that fiduciary responsibility to maximize return on investment for every education dollar.

*New*School Based Budgeting Toolkit

Are you or your school community interested in being more strategic about the way you allocate resources to schools?  The think tank Education Resource Services has just released a new Student-Based Budgeting Toolkit to help school districts.  Student-based budgeting, or weighted student funding, is a process that will guide school districts which wish to rethink their approach to allocating resources to schools in a manner that engages principals and better matches resources to student need. The toolkit includes an introduction to the topic as well as a nuts-and-bolts implementation guide and several planning tools. The "Strategic Snapshot Mini" tool also helps district leadership teams identify priorities for the next budget year or long term strategic plan.

The toolkit includes:

  • An introduction to SBB 
  • Readiness assessment
  • Nuts-and-bolts guide to designing and implementing SBB
  • Modeling tools for schools and districts
  • Articles, reports, and videos highlighting the experiences of districts
  • A summary blog of the Summit

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