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ASBO offers a variety of member types to meet the needs of both individuals and organizations. The majority of memberships are divided between school districts/BOCES and companies. If you have any membership questions, contact Debbie Eberle.

  • A statewide BOCES and 18 regional chapters chartered by ASBO provide local support to business officials throughout the state.
  • Click here (opens new window) to view our Chapter listing and map to select the appropriate chapter you should be affiliated with when joining.
  • Chapters require their own dues and membership. Please contact the chapters directly to officially join. 

School District/BOCES Package Memberships 

Institutional Package

Institutional Package Membership is available to school districts and BOCES. A designated staff person shall have the privileges of a "regular" member. All subsequent members will be "staff" members. Shared business officials do not qualify under a BOCES institutional membership. All dues for Institutional packages are prorated based on the expiration date to the end of the fiscal year and new renewal date will be July 1.

Apply to be a part of an Institutional package

1-5 staff members:
$1,000 per year
 6-10 staff members:  $1,500 per year
11-15 staff members: $2,000 per year
16-20 staff members: $2,500 per year

School District/BOCES Individual Memberships 

Regular Membership

Regular Membership include all persons engaged in the practice of school business management. This is usually the Chief SBO. Regular members can vote in NYSASBO elections and serve as NYSASBO officers and committee members.

Join as a Regular Member

Dues: 0.4% of salary per year ($150 minimum)

District/BOCES Staff Membership
District/BOCES Staff Membership is available to employees of a school district with at least one regular member in the district. Staff Members can vote and serve on committees.

Corporate/Company Memberships 

Business Membership

 Business Member include those companies providing services or products to school districts. 

Join as a Business Member

Dues: $300 per year, per staff member 

If your company already has a membership, please contact Debbie Eberle to add additional seats.

Individual Memberships 

Retired Membership

Retired/Unemployed Member include former active members or SBO Staff members no longer working in a school district. Retired members can serve on committees. 

Join as a Retired Member

Dues: $50 per year

Student Membership

 Student Member include students enrolled in at least 6 credit hours and not employed full-time in a school district. Student members can serve on committees.

Join as a Student

Dues: $50 per year