ASBO Partners

Our partners demonstrate the highest level of commitment to the Association and its members.

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Premier Partners

Our Premier Partners are Sponsors of the Education Summit and provide additional sponsorship money over the year. 

Diamond = $30,000+


New York Schools Insurance Reciprocal (NYSIR)

The Omni Group
Ruby = $20,000+


Utica National Insurance Group

Emerald = $10,000+


Finance Manager

J.P. Morgan

Leonard Bus Sales, Inc.


Pupil Benefits Plan, Inc.

WinCap-Harris Computer Solutions

Strategic Partners

Strategic Partners must be non-profits created to serve school districts and BOCES with boards composed of school district staff. They are Titanium Level for Education Summit.

The New York Liquid Asset Fund (NYLAF) is a cooperative investment program established by participating New York school entities, and is governed by a Board of Directors consisting of school business finance professionals. NYLAF provides school entities multiple investment programs in accordance with New York General Municipal Law.

Since 1998, NYLAF has continued to provide an unrivaled experience of investment and client service excellence on a daily basis to every participant in the fund. Additionally, NYLAF is AAAm rated by S&P, which is the highest credit rating available.

The New York Benefits for Educators and Students Trust (NYBEST) is a not-for-profit unincorporated association of New York public school districts. Currently, the organization is governed by a fourteen-member Executive Committee comprised of school leaders from around the state. The NYBEST Agency is a unique not-for-profit insurance brokerage firm, developed in 1999 by and for New York school districts.

NYBEST partners with U.S. Employee Benefits Services Group to provide best in class employee benefit and consulting services to 145 school districts in New York. U.S. Employee Benefits consults on a full spectrum of insurance products addressing the diverse needs of school district populations.  These include group benefits, student accident, individual policies, medical and retiree insurance, and voluntary benefits, including a variety of Aflac policies. Workforce demographics have changed, and the ability to diversify and provide insurance options gives districts much needed flexibility. Multi-generational and portable worksite products are among offerings that permit districts to offer competitive benefit packages to attract and retain employees.  Research shows employee engagement and the ability to provide education for products such as legal assistance (MetLaw) and financial wellness, enhances employee satisfaction and ultimately retention and productivity. USEBSG also manages Affordable Care Act requirements for school districts ensuring compliance in a comprehensive process.

NYBEST is also expanding in human resource management through its sponsorship of the HR Institute which offers school business officials trainings in administrative responsibilities, employee hiring and supervision, and a host of relevant topics. Learn more about NYBEST here.


Corporate Partners

Our Corporate Partners are Titanium Level for the Education Summit and additionally offer a unique service to ASBO members.

Forecast5 Analytics, Inc. and ASBO have partnered to develop analytics and Business Intelligence applications for New York State schools. Forecast5 utilizes data from NYSED and other public data sources to provide powerful analytic tools, helping New York school district leaders gain insight and drive decisions.

Whether you have an experienced procurement team or a department of one, U.S. Communities can put time and money back in your hands through our competitively solicited contracts.

As ASBO’s Strategic Partner, U.S. Employee Benefits is uniquely qualified to provide New York State School’s with Health Care Reform support and reporting.