Political Action Committee


The ASBO PAC (Political Action Committee) was created by members to assist in advancing the legislative agenda and advocacy of School Business Officials and public education.


What is a Political Action Committee (PAC)?

A PAC is a legal mechanism for individuals or corporations to combine their financial resources in order to elect those who support the interests of the PAC. By contributing to a PAC, school business officials in New York can play a role in electing to state offices people who are supportive of our issues

Why can’t ASBO New York make donations to state legislators?

ASBO New York is a 501(c)3 organization and is restricted by IRS regulations from making financial contributions to candidates.

Why is a PAC needed if ASBO already advocates for school business officials?

PACs are one of the many tools used by advocacy organizations to advance their agenda. PAC donations show the seriousness of those advocacy efforts and demonstrate a commitment to helping those who share our views. . PACs used in combination with other grassroots advocacy efforts like meeting with state legislators, writing or emailing them, and participating in a lobby day at the State Capitol are essential parts of a successful advocacy campaign.

Committee Members

Steering Committee

  • Tim Batzel (Genesee Valley)
  • Joe Dragone (Long Island)
  • Lisa Ryan (Rochester)
  • Ron Clamser (North Country)
  • Jim Fregelette (Buffalo)
  • Doreen Rowe (Delaware-Chenango)
  • Karl Keil (Central NY)

Donate to the Political Action Committee

Donations to the ASBO PAC are used to support state elected officials who support ASBO’s legislative agenda and public school funding. Use of ASBO PAC funds include purchasing tickets to fundraisers of state legislators where a representative of ASBO or its members can attend.

To make a donation, send check to:

P.O. Box 611
Guilderland, NY 12084