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The SBO Leadership Academy has been revised to target newly hired school business officials as well as mid-level SBO staff interested in moving up the career ladder to become the school business leader (school business manager/executive or assistant superintendent for business).  The Leadership Academy will provide participants with the skills and knowledge needed to be a successful school business leader.  The ten courses (48 hours), in half-day or full day increments, will be offered over a 12 month period in conjunction with current ASBO events or as a stand-alone program.  

Download the full SBO Leadership Academy Brochure (pdf)

Instructors: SBO Leadership Academy courses are taught by experienced school business officials, academic faculty members, specialized experts and consultants in particular fields.


Applicant Criteria and Application 

Applicants must be ASBO members and have at least three years of experience in a school business office or newly hired (less than two years) as the school business official in an SDBL certified or civil service position. 

Applications for the 2018-2019 class should be submitted by May 1, 2018, to the Association of School Business Officials of New York office at 453 New Karner Road, Albany, New York 12205. Applications can also be submitted to

Academy Application (pdf) 


Along with being one of the three sponsors of the SBO Leadership Academy, the New York Schools Insurance Reciprocal (NYSIR) supports the professional development of NYSASBO members by sponsoring attendance for one person from each chapter. 

NYSIR will pay the full $1,000 attendance fee for any individual a chapter selects. To apply for this scholarship, please contact your chapter president for the nomination. Scholarship applications are due April 23. Questions? Please contact

Scholarship Nomination form (for Chapter President use)


Course Subject Areas

School Management Relations 
Full day - 6 hours

This course will provide insight and guidance on establishing positive working relationships with your superintendent, school board, and other relevant school administrators.

Topics covered:

  • Role of School Business Official
  • Relationships with key stakeholders like the Board, Superintendent, principals, etc.
  • Navigating political landscape and unique culture of a school district
  • Role-playing and case studies involved.

Communication and Presentation Skills 
Half day - 4 hours

This course will prepare participants to be effective public speakers and presenters. You will learn skills for communicating effectively, getting your message out clearly, and connecting with your audience.

Topics covered:

  • Good public speaking techniques
  • Using technology to deliver messages (i.e. powerpoint, online, etc).
  • Preparing documents/presentations for specific audiences (i.e. board, staff, public, etc.)

Human Resources 
Full day - 6 hours

This course will provide an overview of issues associated with supervising employees on a daily basis, ranging from performance evaluations to job descriptions, fringe benefits, employee manuals, and interviewing techniques.

Topics covered: 

  • Basics of collective bargaining and labor relations
  • Hiring and recruitment
  • Supervising Employees
  • Interview techniques and job descriptions

Conflict Resolution and Successful Change Management 
Half day - 4 hours

Change is inevitable!  Hence embracing change is a core leadership capability, and a key driver for future success.  This workshop enables individuals to build an overall understanding of the change management process, and develop clarity and depth in their role of successfully managing change.  During the workshop, participants will apply practical change management tools against real world scenarios, which will help them effectively lead their team through change initiatives.

Topics Covered:

  • How to Manage Your Day Productively
  • Dealing with Difficult Employees
  • Organizational Conflict
  • Learn How to Delegate

School Operations (Buildings and Grounds, Food Service, Transportation and IT) 
Half day - 4 hours

This course will provide an overview of the non-educational operations of the school district that report to the business official.

Topics covered:

  • Building and Grounds
  • Food Service
  • Transportation
  • Technology

Capital Projects 
Half day - 4 hours

This course will provide an overview of how a capital project is developed, implemented and financed.

  • Capital construction process
  • Required reporting timelines and forms
  • State aid and other capital construction related forms
  • Roles of NYSED Facilities Planning and State Aid Unit
  • Working with the Architect, Financial Advisor, and Bond Attorney
  • Financing capital projects
  • Building and other related state aid
  • Final Cost Reports

State Aid 
Half day - 4 hours

This course will provide an overview of state aid formulas, categories, applications, and timelines.

  • Overview of basic state aid concepts (fiscal capacity, pupil counts, expenditures)
  • Legislative process (Executive Budget, Regents Proposal, State Budget)
  • Aid claim and payment process; how to read state aid output reports
  • Comprehensive review of specific aid formulas
  • Maximizing state aid

Education Basics 
Full day - 6 hours

This course will provide an overview of the educational aspects of the school district ranging from special education and common core curriculum to APPR and teacher tenure. 

Topics covered:

  • Current Issues in New York Education
  • Education Structure
  • Student Achievement and Graduation Requirements
  • Education Programs - special education, Title IX,
  • ESL, etc.

Leadership Skills 
Half day – 4 hours

This course will cover the skills and behaviors of good leaders as well as how to motivate employees, communicate a vision and collaborate successfully.

Topics covered:

  • Personal leadership styles
  • Motivating Employees
  • Communicating vision
  • Collaboration techniques

Strategic Planning and Project Management 
Full day – 6 hours

This course will provide an overview of the strategic planning process and how to manage a project from beginning to end.

Topics covered:

  • Long term planning
  • Mission goals and objectives
  • Measuring success
  • Implementation plans
  • Deadlines and scheduling tasks. 



SBO Academy Housing for November Session

If you are just attending the SBO Academy, please use the following information for The Desmond Hotel.
The Desmond
660 Albany Shaker Road, Albany, NY 12211

Reserve online
Single: $139 / Double: $149

Reservation cut-off: October 22, 2018

Valid purchase orders, checks (received at least 14 days prior to arrival) and major credit cards are accepted. Credit card is required to complete reservation, but will not be charged upon receipt of check/PO. Make Checks or POs payable to The Desmond Hotel and Conference Center.


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