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30-day Amendments Relating to P-12 Education

The Governor released 30-day amendments relating to P-12 education late on February 14, 2019.

  • The Governor’s proposal continues to exempt school aid from budget reductions that may occur if state revenue is low. School aid may be affected if federal funding is reduced by at least $850 million.
  • Legislative action outside the budget process can have no significant fiscal impact without a process to identify funding.
    • The Executive’s Budget amendments introduced “pay-go” language to provide for the offset, through spending reductions and/or receipts increases, of bills that are adopted outside of the Budget and have a fiscal impact of at least $1 million. The Legislature could still act on bills with a significant fiscal impact; the language just ensures that there is a plan in place to maintain Budget balance.
  • Equity plan legislation, if enacted, will occur regardless of any reductions that occur if revenue is low.
  • An assortment of different competitive grants awarded since 2012 are re-appropriated and extended to March 31, 2020, correcting an oversight by updating the special lapse date embedded in the appropriation language (currently 3/31/19).
Read our summary of changes, along with descriptions released by the New York State Budget Division and links to bill language.


ASBO Testimony at Joint Budget Hearing on Executive Budget Proposal

Michael Borges, Executive Director, offered testimony to New York's joint legislative body on February 6, 2019. In his testimony, which can be found here, he outlined the need for critical changes to the Executive's proposal which lacks a meaningful commitment to fully fund Foundation Aid owed to school districts among other shortcomings.

Read the full testimony here and view the testimony below.


State Budget Update Presented to Capital ASBO Chapter 2-8-19

On February 8, 2019, Deborah Cunningham, Director of Education and Research, presented an Updated Executive Budget Analysis to ASBO's Capital chapter.

Executive Budget Proposal

On January 15, The Governor presented his Executive Budget. In it he called for a 3.6 percent increase in education aid for a total funding level of $27.7 billion in state aid to school districts.

Deborah H. Cunningham, Director of Education and Research, and Andrew Van Alstyne, Deputy Director of Education and Research will break down the proposal in a webinar at 2:30 p.m. on January 17. You can register for the webinar here. The powerpoint presentation and accompanying materials are available below:

    Executive Budget webinar slides (PDF) *** REVISED ***
    Additions and corrections in this version:

    • Slide 22 referenced the 2020-21 school year. It should have referred to the 2019-20 school year.
    • Slide 24 said the new Services Aid would have a "minimum one percent increase." That should have been "a minimum of no increase."
    • A new slide 25 has been added describing provisions relating to a new tier of state Building Aid beginning in 2020-21.

    Community Schools Increase Amounts

ASBO New York 2019-20 School Aid Proposal

This aid proposal recommends a $2.1 billion increase in state aid to school districts to achieve four goals:

  • Improve equity and adequacy;
  • Strengthen student safety and wellness;
  • Provide stability by paying already approved expenses; and
  • Redirect savings to teaching and learning.

Click here to view the full proposal.

Comparison of Budget Proposals

Executive ASBO Regents
Total proposed increase $956 million $2.1 billion $2.1 billion
Foundation Aid increase $338 million $1.3 billion; three-year phase-in $1.66 billion; three-year phase-in incorporating projected growth in Foundation Aid formula
Expense-based aids $411 million $410 million $410 million
Support for English language learners $85 million categorical $85 million set-aside within Foundation Aid
Career and technical education (CTE) $25 million $ 25 million
Student safety and well-being $1.5 million for grants addressing mental health in middle school $250 million
Early learning $15 million $20 million $26 million
Prior-year adjustments $50 million
Regional high schools $5 million
Other policy proposals Equity index mandate addressing intradistrict aid distribution, significant changes to formula aid, new form of building aid. Equity in small city debt limits, exclude local share of BOCES capital projects, and include PILOTs, TRS reserves, transportation flexibility incentives, etc.

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