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Welcome to ASBO New York's State Budget information page. ASBO analyses and materials related to the state budget will be posted here. For past years' budget information, click here.

State Budget Webinar

ASBO held a webinar on the recently adopted State Budget on Wednesday, April 8th at 10 a.m.

You can download the presentation here.

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Click here to read Q & A's brought up during the webinar. 

Topics to be covered on the webinar include:

  • State Aid (Including the new Pandemic Adjustment)
  • Extension of small group employer consortium membership protections
  • Change in paid time-off for voting requirements

Enacted School Aid Runs

The Governor and leaders of the Assembly and Senate have agreed on a budget for 2020-21. The School Aid Runs for 2020-21 are now available here.  However, we need to caution you that the budget has not been passed by both houses as of yet.

Foundation Aid is frozen at the 2019-20 amount. The runs include a “Pandemic Adjustment” amount; this deduction is equal to the funds a district receives through the federal stimulus program. There is language in the budget allowing the state to reduce a school district’s aid by an amount up to the Pandemic Adjustment mid-year. 

ASBO Presents Testimony at Joint Legislative Budget Hearing on Elementary Education

ASBO Executive Director Michael J. Borges presented testimony at the Joint Legislative Budget Hearing on Elementary Education on Tuesday, Feb. 11th. The written testimony can be found here. Mr. Borges's comments were limited to 5 minutes and touched upon ASBO's objections to key components of the Executive Budget, such as the folding into Foundation Aid of 10 categorical aids, capping Building and Transportation Aid, the continued expansion of Community School set asides as well as recommendations from ASBO's 2020-21 School Aid Proposal, including eliminating the state transparency reporting and boosting the capital outlay threshold from $100,000 to $250,000. ASBO's School Aid Proposal can be found here. To watch the testimony click here

2020 Traditional Foundation Aid Increases

The Executive Budget would roll the following aids into Foundation Aid: BOCES, Non-Component School, Charter School Transitional, High Tax, Software, Library Materials, Textbook, Hardware and Technology, Supplemental Excess Cost, and Academic Enhancement.

The school aid runs omitted the itemized totals of these aid categories for 2020-21, making it difficult for school districts to accurately determine their traditional school aid in the proposed budget. 

Removing expense-based aids from the Foundation Aid totals show the Executive Budget includes a $493.7 million increase in traditional Foundation Aid, a 2.7 percent increase over 2019-20. We have made the traditional Foundation Aid increases available by school district and by county. 


2020 Executive State Budget Proposal Webinar

The Governor presented his Executive Budget on January 21st. In addition to school district state aid, this legislation will include the Governor’s policy positions leading into budget negotiations with the legislature. ASBO will be presenting our initial analysis of the Executive Budget via webinar on Tuesday, January 28, 2020 at 9am. The webinar will be recorded and posted here within one week. 

The webinar can be viewed here.

The powerpoint summarizing the executive budget from the Jan. 28 webinar can be found here

This excel file contains data missing from the School Aid runs, including the "traditional" Foundation Aid increase and the 2020-21 amounts for the 10 expense-based aids the Governor has proposed including in Foundation Aid.


DOB School Aid Runs Released

January 21, 2020

The State Division of Budget has released their school aid runs which are available here.


2020 Executive Budget Briefing Book Analysis

January 21, 2020

Earlier today, Governor Andrew Cuomo released his Executive Budget Proposal. His proposal included a 3% increase in school aid comprised of:

     Category of Increase                                          Change (millions)

Foundation Aid

$504 (Community School Set-Aside $50)

Targeted High-Need District Foundation Aid


Reimbursement for Expense-Based Aids


Expanded Prekindergarten for 3 and 4-Year-Olds


Empire State After School Program


Early College High Schools


Master Teachers Program


Curriculum on Diversity and Tolerance


STEM Entrepreneur


Other Education Initiatives


Proposed School Aid Increase


While the Executive Budget legislation and school aid runs are currently unavailable, there are several policy proposals present in the 2020 Executive Budget Briefing Book we’d like to highlight.

Foundation Aid / Expense Based Aids:

The Executive Budget provides an increase of $704 million in Foundation Aid; however, there are several things to note. This increase includes a $200 million allocation for High-Need districts and a $50 million Community School set-aside. The Executive Budget also proposes increasing the number of schools receiving community school funding to 440 districts.  While specifics aren’t yet available, the Governor’s presentation noted, “We need to throw out our existing formula.” The Governor then called for a new formula that would drive State Aid to High-Need schools. 

The briefing book also notes, “the Executive Budget recommends the consolidation of 10 expense-based aid categories into Foundation Aid starting in the 2020-21 school year” – we will be able to provide more details on how this might work once budget legislation is released. Last year, the Governor had proposed capping and block granting 11 expense-based aids. This year he is proposing capping transportation aid at the greater of inflation or inflation plus a district’s enrollment growth, while also changing the transportation aid ratios available to school districts. For building aid, the Governor proposes a new aid tier for projects approved during the 2020-21 school year.

School Funding Transparency:

The Governor highlighted that in FY 2021, all 673 major school districts in the State will report school building-level funding. While there was no expansion noted in the briefing document, we will review budget legislation for further details. We anticipate the Governor will seek to expand on this issue, since his budget address referred to funding differences between schools as a central “civil rights injustice.”

School Tax Relief (STAR) Program

The Governor proposes to reduce the income limit for participation in the STAR Exemption program for property owners currently enrolled to $200,000 (currently $250,000). These homeowners would need to enroll in the STAR Credit program to continue to receive their benefit. 

This proposal also includes provisions to ensure that STAR benefits are not given to property owners who have not paid their property taxes. 

Other Budget Items:

Also included in the Executive Budget proposal is new funding for prekindergarten expansion, the Empire State After School program, Early College High Schools, the Syracuse Comprehensive Education and Workforce Training Center, the Master Teachers Program, curriculum on diversity and tolerance, charter school tuition, and the STEM entrepreneur pilot program. 

ASBO will share school district aid runs and additional analysis as information becomes available. 

Executive Budget Briefing Book Available Here


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