Annual Salary Survey Results

The salary information that follows is taken from the ASBO New York membership. ASBO has been conducting this survey since the late 1980’s. It is designed to assist school business officials in their understanding of the diversity of the position and compensation of the position across the state. We thank the hundreds of ASBO members who took part in the survey.

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Results Released for Survey on Veterans Real Property Tax Law Exemption

Over 75 percent of respondents indicated that their board of education and school district HAVE NOT adopted a resolution to provide the veterans exemptions authorized by Chapter 518 of the Laws of 2013.

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ASBO Speaker Bureau Survey

ASBO needs your help to put together a speaker bureau. The purpose of this is to have a database of topics and speakers that we can draw upon when planning events, workshops, webinars, and conferences. Your help in creating this database is greatly appreciated and will help the association immensely.

If you are willing to speak, please fill out the form and list the topics you would be willing to present on. We also would like to know which areas of the state you would be willing to travel to as a presenter. Any questions may be addressed to