Testimony - January 31, 2018

ASBO New York's executive director Michael Borges testified before the Legislature on the executive budget proposal on education. He emphasized:

  1. The importance of Foundation Aid. That was brought up throughout the day and is the most important thing to ASBO members. If you only have part of the money (83 percent currently statewide, 68 percent in high need urban and suburban districts) you will educate the kids that are easiest. The more challenging students will have opportunity denied for lack of resources.

  2. Shift in tax burden to local taxpayers. Our data show local revenue increasing 51 percent to 55 percent over ten years and $184 million shifted from state to local taxpayers because of 2018 executive budget proposals to cap building, transportation and BOCES aids and to equalize aid for summer programs for students with disabilities. These are expenses that are hard for school districts to cut because of mandates and are expected to further increase local tax burden.

  3. Overreach. The Governor's proposal to require large districts to submit school budgets for review and approval by the Budget Division defies local control and is unnecessary given reporting requirements of ESSA.

  4. Final Cost Report Amnesty Coalition. A dozen districts are affected with $77 million in aid penalties. Mr. Borges urged legislators to create a group solution for aid forgiveness.

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