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State Budget Update

Wednesday, March 27, 2019  

The Joint Legislative Budget Sub-committee on Education met today to provide an update on state budget negotiations. Senator Mayer, Chair of the Senate Education Committee, stated that they reached agreement on two of ASBO's recommendations from our 2019-20 School Aid Proposal - allowing piggybacking of transportation contracts and staggering the Building Condition Survey. 

Their highest priority, emphasized repeatedly, is more Foundation Aid, which Senator Meyer said we believe schools are “owed to be funded.”  The chairs said they expect an on-time budget and that negotiations are ongoing on the amount of aid and counter proposals concerning certain executive proposals, mentioning the Governor’s Services Aid and Equity Plan proposals and any diminution of expense-based aids.  

Items discussed at the Sub-committee meeting included:

  1. Additional Foundation Aid (A. Benedetto, S. Mayer, S. Seward, S. Metzger, A. Ra)

  2. Authorizing school districts to piggyback on other districts’ pupil transportation contracts to promote sharing and cost containment (S. Meyer)

  3. Staggering the submission of Building Condition Surveys (S. Meyer)

  4. Increased funding for career and technical education (A. Walsh)

  5. Authorizing school districts to establish a reserve for teacher retirement (S. Little)

  6. Building Aid Amnesty (Metzger)

  7. Increased funding to address the mental health needs of students (S. Metzger, S. Seward)

  8. Increased funding for farm-to-school programs (S. Metzger)

In addition they mentioned the following:

  1. A table target, outside of increased Foundation Aid, of $50 to fund additional legislative priorities

  2. The importance of addressing school governance in New York City (S. Liu, A. Benedetto)

  3. Full funding for the operation of the State Education Department (S. Meyer)

  4. Funding for the Higher Education Opportunity Program and the Science and Technology Entry Program (A. Frontus)

  5. Library Aid (A. Walsh, S. Seward)

  6. Funding for special act school districts (A. Walsh)

  7. The needs of the Yonkers City School District (S. Meyer)

  8. Professional development for teachers and administrators (Martinez)