Types of Membership

Below are the types of memberships available in ASBO.

Please note, the words used to describe our member types have changed. This was done to eliminate confusion between these member types. What was once ‘Active’ is now ‘Regular;’ what was once ‘SBO Staff‘ is now ‘District/BOCES Staff.’

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  1. Regular Membership include all persons engaged in the practice of school business management. This is usually the Chief SBO. Regular members can vote in ASBO elections and serve as ASBO officers and committee members.

    Regular Membership Dues: 0.4% of salary per year ($150 minimum).

  2. Institutional Package Membership is available to school districts and BOCES. A designated staff person shall have the privileges of a "regular" member. All subsequent members will be "staff" members. Shared business officials do not qualify under a BOCES institutional membership. Dues for Institutional packages are prorated based on the expiration date to the end of the fiscal year and new renewal date will be July 1.

    Institutional Membership Dues: 1-5 staff members: $1,000 per year, 6-10 staff members: $1,500 per year, 11-15 staff members: $2,000 per year; 16-20 staff members: $2,500 per year.

  3. District/BOCES Staff Membership is available to employees of a school district with at least one regular member in the district. Staff Members can vote and serve on committees.

    District/BOCES Staff Membership Dues: $150 per year

  4. Student Member include students enrolled in at least 6 credit hours and not employed full-time in a school district. Student members can serve on committees.

    Student Membership Dues: $50 per year

  5. Retired/Unemployed Member include former active members or SBO Staff members no longer working in a school district. Retired members can serve on committees.

    Retired Membership Dues: $50 per year

  6. Business Member include those persons providing services or products to school districts.

    Business Membership Dues: $300 per year

  7. Colleges/Universities/Non-profits includes those institutions not designated as a school district, BOCES, or company, and can designate one staff member for voting privileges and to serve on committees.

    College/University/Non‐Profit Membership Dues: $500 per year

  8. Honorary Member include past presidents and those persons determined by the Executive Board who have merited such membership. Past Presidents who otherwise qualify for Active Membership shall be afforded all the privileges of Active membership until retired from education in New York State.

    Honorary Membership is lifetime free membership.