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Tuesday, April 9, 2019  

Using 5Sight to visualize and compare line item spending trends

This tip shows how 5Sight lets users easily visualize and compare line item spending over time. To start, I created a comparison group of four neighboring school districts, with similar enrollments (numerically and demographically). The image below shows actual spending per student on medical benefits, budget code 9060.8.

Figure 1. Health Care Spending per Student

These districts have not experienced the same trajectories in their health care costs. The school district represented by the orange line has seen its health care costs remain relatively steady, while the district represented by the pink line has seen the steadiest increase. The first chart covers per pupil spending, so differences in enrollment could impact the numbers. Figure 2 shows health care spending as a share of overall operating expense.

Figure 2. Health Care as a Share of Overall Operating Expense

Looking at the data in terms of their share of overall spending, even though there are slight changes from the per pupil trends, it’s clear that health care spending has its greatest financial impact on the school district represented by the pink line.

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