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Wednesday, December 4, 2019  

Using 5Sight to visualize and compare changing health insurance costs between districts.

This tip shows how 5Sight lets users easily visualize and compare annual changes in health insurance costs between school districts.

The comparison group for this tip was created through the peer finder tool. The peer finder lets users choose between many variables to identify comparable groups of school districts. For the comparison in this tip, school districts were selected based on region, need, and enrollment size.

The graph below shows the three-year change rate in the per pupil cost of health benefits (AT 9060.8 divided by DCAADM). The school districts, which have similar enrollment and FRPL eligibility rates, are experiencing vary different changes in health costs. At one end, the cost of health benefits increased 40 percent. At the other end, they fell almost ten percent. 

This chart was created through the multi-year expense change comparison tool, which is available under Analytics > Financial.

We can also use the line item spending comparison tool to look at the actual spending in the same districts. In this case, the district that experienced the 10 percent decline still has the third highest per pupil cost, while the district that experienced the largest growth rate is below average, at $2,761 per pupil.

By combining powerful public sector business intelligence software with ready-to-use analytics tools, 5Sight generates detailed and data-driven perspectives on organizational and peer performance to accelerate insights and put decisions on the fast track. For more information about 5Sight visit here or email Michael Vespi at