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Tuesday, August 25, 2020  


Utilizing data from a district’s NYSED ST-3 and the DCAADM, this analytic details the per student spending by object.  As a two sided visual, the left side shows the per object total in dollars spent, while the right hand side shows the percent each compromises within the selected funds.  The sample district above shows that the personal services had steadily decreased after 2011 before increasing in 2017, only to reduce again. 

Questions This Can Help Answer:

  • How has our object spending differed over time?
  • Do any patterns exist or can any be seen?
  • Is there any areas that appear to be inconsistent with what is generally accepted within the district?

You may review this analytic here.  Please contact your 5Sight Analytics Advisor, Gretchen DeBobes at (630) 955-7904 or, for assistance or with any questions.