Group Benefits and Consulting for School Districts and BOCES

With utmost confidentiality, The NYBEST Agency’s Regional Marketing Manager’s team members will personally visit your district to review your Benefits programs.

Coverage to be analyzed include Life Insurance, Dental Insurance, Health Insurance, Long Term Disability Insurance, Student Accident Insurance, and other ancillary plans.

A written evaluation, generated for each insurance program in terms of plan design and its associated cost, will be submitted to the School Business Official, and No action will be taken by NYBEST unless so directed by the School Business Official.

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Benefits Consulting
The NYBEST Agency continuously monitors the availability of new programs and regulations from the insurance market place and regulatory agencies. In addition, as a consulting resource center for school districts, NYBEST interacts with School Business Officials, union officials, Board of Education and a large number of insurance carriers.

Short-Term Disability & Paid Family Leave
Policies available to suit your needs.

Voluntary Benefits
We offer voluntary plans for coverages like Cancer Coverage, Critical Illness Coverage, Accident Coverage, and Hospital Coverage through several carriers, including Aflac. Aflac is a fortune 500 company and insures over 40 million people worldwide. We also offer Voluntary Life Insurance, Voluntary Disability Insurance, Voluntary Dental Insurance, and Voluntary Vision Insurance. These plans are often pre-tax and at the sole cost of employees, not the employer.

Life Insurance
Plans that feature either term life insurance or permanent life insurance are available and these benefits can be extended to family members. The agency recognizes that each district or union has different plan designs based on negotiated coverage levels.

Districts that use either traditional funding or self-insurance can obtain competitive proposals, as well as voluntary dental plans. The agency will assist a district in the selection process based on their needs and budgets along with the demographics of the employee population.

Vision Care
The NYBEST Agency offers voluntary and district paid vision to employee groups. Numerous plans are available that include eye exams, benefits for either glasses or contact lens, and discounts on LASIK and PRK procedures.

Medical Plans
The NYBEST Agency offers HMOs and other medical plans. Districts that offer HMOs but have no broker representation will benefit by assigning NYBEST to this function. The agency serves as an advocate in terms of resolving administrative and claim issues, as well as, providing alternatives at renewal time to help mitigate rate increases. Special alternative plans for 65+ year-old retirees are also available to save districts and BOCES money.

Health and Pharmacy Consulting
We offer services to help construct and manage plans to best anticipate and meet district’s needs in these complex areas.

Student Accident
The NYBEST Agency uses a variety of insurance carriers, including Pupil Benefits Plan, Inc., to provide a student accident insurance coverage for all school-sponsored activities, interscholastic athletics, work study programs and field trips. Districts have various coverage levels available based on their needs and requirements. Pupil Benefits Plan provides coverage for 750,000 students in 370 districts in New York State.

Short & Long Term Disability
Pays benefits that partially replace an employee’s income lost as a result of a disability. Coverage applies to disabilities that occur on and, in the case of Long Term Disability, off the job and are due to accident or sickness. The NYBEST Agency works with carriers that proactively help employees both manage their disability and accelerate their return to work.